Polibatam in Collaboration with the Directorate of Mitras DUDI Kemendikbudristek Holds Socialization of the Center of Excellence Vocational High School (SMK-PK) Program in 2022

NEWS-Polibatam in collaboration with the Directorate of Mitras Dunia Usaha dan Dunia Industri (DUDI) meaning “Business and Industrial Partners” of the Ministry of Education and Culture held a socialization program of SMK Pusat Keunggulan (SMK-PK) meaning “Center of Excellence Vocational High School” in 2022 to strategic industrial partners in the Riau Islands province (28/1/2022). This outreach activity aims to invite Industry to take part in developing the quality of Vocational Education in Indonesia. Through the SMK-PK program, it is hoped that it can create quality graduates who are superior in hard skills and soft skills as well as have good character by the profile of Pancasila students. The socialization was opened by the Director of Polibatam, Uuf Brajawidagda, who conveyed the importance of improving vocational schools’ quality, including soft skills and character. He also said that the SMK-PK program was very good and needed to be implemented with an evaluation from the previous year’s implementation. The socialization material was delivered by Mr. Agus Susilohadi as the partnership and marketing coordinator for Mitras DUDI and Mrs. Eskawati Musyarofah from the Directorate of Vocational High School. This activity was attended by approximately 63 participants from representatives of various industries in the Riau Islands Province.

In the 2022 SMK-PK program, vocational schools that will or have participated in the program will receive financial support from the Directorate General of Vocational Education, Kemendikbudristek, and will be given matching funds from DUDI. In the process, the SMK-PK program will involve DUDI intensively with the aim of implementing the development of SMK with certain skill programs to improve quality and strengthened performance through partnerships and alignment with DUDI. In addition, SMK-PK is also expected to be able to give birth to reference vocational schools that have the spirit of impacting, as well as centers for improving the quality and performance of other vocational schools. One of the new breakthroughs from the 2022 SMK-PK Program is the industry partner equivalent funding scheme. For example, if industrial partners provide assistance of 1 billion, the Ministry of Education and Technology will also provide assistance worth 1 billion. Let’s join as a DUDI partner by registering through the following page: https://smkpk.ditpsmk.net/mitra_industri

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