Polibatam Barelang FC Team Achieved 3rd Place at the International Level of RoboCup 2023 in France

POLIBATAM-Barelang FC Team from Politeknik Negeri Batam is the only Indonesian representative participating in the RoboCup 2023 Humanoid League KidSize Soccer Competition division. The Barelang FC team and 11 other teams from other countries such as England, Japan, Germany, Brazil, Australia, France, South Korea, China, and Canada competed in a 4 vs. 4 robot game strategy to fight for the throne of the best robot in the KidSize division.

In this KidSize division, humanoid robots were made to use two legs and play ball like humans with robot heights between 40-90 cm. The maximum number of robots in the field is four, with one robot acting as a goalkeeper. Robots must be able to hit the ball, dribble, and kick to score goals against the opponent’s goal.

In Round Robin 1, divided into three groups, Barelang FC joined Hamburg Bit-Bots from Germany, TH-MOS from China, and ITAndroids from Brazil. The Barelang FC successfully wiped out all matches in the group and collected 13 goals without conceding in 3 matches. (Won 5-0 vs ITAndroids, 4-0 vs. TH-MOS, and 4-0 vs. Hamburg Bit-Bots).

In Round Robin 2, divided into four groups, Barelang FC joined RO:BIT from South Korea and WF Wolves from Germany. In this session, Barelang FC again proved his class by winning again in all matches by scoring 14 goals and only conceding 1 goal. (Won 10-0 vs WF Wolves and 4-1 vs RO:BIT).

After qualifying from the group, Barelang FC competed with ITAndroids in the top 8 and succeeded in thwarting the resistance from the team from Brazil with a final score of 10-0. Barelang FC’s struggle continued in the semifinals against CIT Brains from Japan. Playing without a goalkeeper for the Barelang FC, the CIT Brains team from the samurai country managed to stop the Barelang FC’s progress with a score of 0-10 and sent Barelang FC to the 3rd place race.

Barelang FC again met TH-MOS from China in the 3rd place match. In this match, Barelang FC successfully defeated the TH-MOS team from China with a score of 7-0 and earned the right to win 3rd place in the KidSize Soccer Competition division in the Humanoid League RoboCup 2023.

The Barelang team’s struggle does not necessarily run smoothly. The team traveled from Indonesia to the Parc des Expositions in Bordeaux, where the competition was held, with a total journey of 48 hours. The trip starts from Batam, Indonesia, via ferry to Singapore on Sunday (2/7/2023) at 17.00. The team spent the night at Changi Airport to fly to Paris via Doha on Monday (3/7/2023) at 10.00 local time. Arriving in Paris on Tuesday, the team headed to Bordeaux by train and straight to the venue for robot set-up and a pitstop.

“Barelang FC itself is a product of project-based learning (PBL). PBL is one of the CDIO (Conceive-Design-Implement-Operate) based curricula which has been applied to the learning of undergraduate students of the Applied Robotics Engineering study program and Mechatronics Engineering study program who are involved in research and development of robots in the Barelang FC team, “explained Wibisana, one of the supervisors of the Barelang FC team.

The team, which was supervised by Mr. Eko Rudiawan and 10 students from Electrical Engineering Department (Salman Alfarisi, Adimas Ariefrahman, Yeni Aryani, Dimas Rizky Saputra, Andi Ninoi Kazuyuki Darusman, Yohanes Hasintongan Manullang, Abdillah Fikri, Iman Rofiq Syamsul, Leo Chandra Yulianto, Aldi Wahyudi ) just finished participating in the National KRI competition and returned to Batam on June 26 2023. Even on the sidelines of the KRI 2023 competition in Semarang, the team had to go back and forth to Jakarta to conduct VISA interviews for the 2023 RoboCup.

“In the end, the team’s struggle paid off by winning third place as the best robot in the world at the RoboCup 2023 competition,” said Eko.
Polibatam campus academic community congratulates the Polibatam Robot team on their proud achievements in the RoboCup 2023 Humanoid League KidSize Soccer Competition division, which made Indonesia proud internationally.

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