Internship at PMI Batam City (Batch 3)

INFO-Let’s Register! Internship at PMI Batam City (Batch 3).
Humanity Call!!!
A call for you, young people, who are creative, innovative, and solutive.

The opportunity to be part of a humanitarian volunteer with Indonesian Red Cross or Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI) Batam City is back!

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This Internship Program provides an opportunity for anyone who is interested in joining PMI Batam City. PMI seeks to encourage the younger generation who have concern and interest in various community service activities and humanitarian programs, who view careers as travel investments and expand their experience and knowledge.

Are you interested in joining this program and want to join the humanitarian service of the Indonesian Red Cross? Let’s register right away!

Registration closes on July 14, 2022. Make sure you have filled in the link:
no later than July 14 at 23:59!!!

Further information can be found in Bio (

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