Improving MC and Public Speaking Skills for Polibatam Staff, Batam City Perwara Present as Resource Person

TRAINING-Polibatam public relations held a workshop on the master of ceremony (MC) and public speaking which was attended by 23 staff. The event was held on Wednesday, 23 November 2022 at the Harris Hotel, Batam Center. The resource person for this workshop is Dr. Maya Inayati, SS., M.Pd from Batam Host Association/Perkumpulan Pembawa Acara (Perwara).

This workshop aims to provide knowledge in the field of master of MC and public speaking skills. Deputy Director 3 Polibatam, Dr. Muhammad Zaenuddin said in his remarks that this workshop was to provide skills for Polibatam staff in the field of MC and how to speak in front of the public. ‚ÄúThere are lots of events in each Polibatam unit. So after participating in this training it is hoped that they can become good MCs in accordance with the theme of the event being held. The more practice or flying hours, the more expert we can be, “said Zaen.

The participants learned from experienced speakers and presenters who are members of Batam Perwara. In addition to gaining theoretical knowledge, participants also gain practical experience as hosts or MCs, both formal and informal. “Every host and the public speaker should read a lot to increase insight and the more literacy the more our vocabulary and reduce Oo gaps or pauses,” said Maya.

Veve (one of the resource persons) the secretary of Batam Perwara who is also a famous MC also shared tips that need to be mastered by an MC in order to become a good MC. In addition to mastering technical skills in the field of MC and public speaking, continuing to practice is very necessary so that skills get better.

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