IISMA Vocational Edition Coaching Session 2022

INFO-The vocational edition of the Indonesian International Student Mobility Award program will hold coaching activities for PTPPV students who have registered to become IISMAVO 2022 awardee candidates. Through this coaching activity, prospective IISMAVO awardees and PIC PTTPV can be better prepared in preparing the necessary documents that can lead them to become IISMAVO 2022 awardees.

️ Panji Sosroardi, IISMAVO IT Coordinator
️ Moh. Sanni Mufti Alamsyah, IISMAVO Program Coordinator
️ Irkham Nugroho Putro, IISMAVO Cooperation Supervisor
️ Nur Widiasmara, IISMAVO Program Supervisor

Coaching sessions:
Session 1: Registration Platform, File, Timeline, and Troubleshooting
Session 2: Selection of PTLN, Diversity Test, and Interview

📅 Selasa dan Sabtu, 10 Mei dan 14 Mei 2022
⏰ 10.00—12.00 WIB
IISMA Vocational Edition realizes our vocational students to be more great and strengthen Indonesia.

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