For Promotion, Animation Study Program Holds a Creative Drawing Workshop

BATAM-Polibatam Animation Study Program held a community service on Creative Drawing Workshop on November 13-14 2022 and November 20-21 2022 to Support the Promotion of the Animation Study Program. The workshop was attended by 52 participants from various SMKs.

This community service has a target of promoting the Animation study program through social media accounts with the demographics of junior high school and high school (and equivalent) students. The output of this service is the publication draft for international seminar services and the publication draft for accredited national journals and HKI.

Head of Polibatam Animation Study Program, Selly Artaty Zega, S.ST., M.Sc., said that the Animation Study Program had been opened and accepted students since 2018. “As a new study program, the Animation Study Program is not widely known among the public. The animation industry is growing, although not much, Batam already has an international scale animation industry. As a creative field study program, the entrance exam used for the selection of new students also applied a field test. The field test is a drawing test,” added Selly.

As a new study program, the Animation Study Program frequently conducted socialization to introduce the Study Program to the SMA/SMK level. However, in the first 2 years, there has not been a significant increase in enthusiasts. On the other hand, the input quality of Animation Study Program students is also required to be able to take part in lectures to the fullest. In 2021, the Animation Study Program improved its socialization services through Instagram. The use of the social media account has had the impact of increasing the number of registrants in the Animation Study Program.

Through this whole series of community services, it is hoped that there will be an increase in the number of applicants interested in Animation Study Programs who have the preparation for drawing. Thus, applicants can take the drawing test exam or become a provision for making a portfolio of works which is a requirement for entering the Animation Study Program.

The next stage of implementing community service is to evaluate activities based on reviews from the community service implementation team and feedback from participants based on the questionnaire that has been given. In addition, socialization of a series of activities through social media accounts is expected to increase and disseminate information about the Animation Study Program to junior high school level students which will lead to an increase in the number of applicants for the Animation Study Program.

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