COGC Workshop Day 2 : The Importance of Session Planning – Technique to Engage Students in Classroom

Today’s agenda is a continuation of the previous day, which was attended by Ranjith S, the project manager and lecturer from the City of Glasgow College (COGC), and dozens of Batam State Polytechnic lecturers as workshop participants.

Ranjith stated that he was intrigued when he saw the lesson plan of Polibatam because it was pretty different from the one they have at COGC. Ranjith added that to gain students just as a lecturer is not enough to be a facilitator, consultant, and entertainer. City ​​of Glasgow college only conducts face-to-face learning activities for 2.5 hours per day; the rest students are expected to study on their own, look for questions and find answers on their own. Ranjith also shared that at COGC, they no longer use the written test method to assess students’ abilities but use projects. Ranjith also shared his experience when he taught in China and how he caught students’ attention to stay focused on his class.

Participants are invited to participate actively in this session through discussion and practice. This session lasted for approximately three and a half hours, and at the end of the session, Ranjith shared his session plan with the participant.

The session plan makes students’ learning journey go most effectively. 

Batam, 24 August 2022

Writer: Gabriella Stephanie Siregar