COGC Workshop Day 1 : Need For Skill Academy In Vocational Sector

Tuesday, 23rd August 2022, is the first day of a total of 3 days of workshops with the team from the City of Glasgow College (COGC). This activity was attended by Carla Gethin, the Director of Business Partnership of the COGC as the speaker and Ranjith S, the Project Manager and Lecturer from the COGC, Leo Hansen Simatupang from the ILO, and dozens of lecturers of  Politeknik Negeri Batam (Polibatam).

COGC is a vocational college located in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. Polibatam has previously collaborated with COGC regarding the skill of prosperity program. Now, Polibatam and COGC have the opportunity to conduct workshops as a place to share experiences and exchange ideas.

In this session, Carla shares the experience of the COGC preparing students who are ready to work, nowadays students who know but do not have the skills. COGC  takes various ways to overcome this, one of which is direct contact with employers in the industry. Where it enables them to know what kind of criteria are currently being sought and needed by the industry. Carla also added how they build good relations with alumni, which can bridge students to work in the industry because we realize that alumni have a considerable influence in this regard.

This session lasted for approximately three and a half hours, and throughout this session, all participants were welcome to ask questions and discuss.

Batam, 23 August 2022
Writer: Gabriella Stephanie Siregar

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