Batam State Polytechnic Launched PBL Program and Invited Labtech as Speaker

NEWS-(10/21/2021) Batam State Polytechnic (Polibatam) is the only Vocational State University (PTN) in the free trade and port areas of Batam, Bintan, and Karimun, Riau Islands Province with a myriad of achievements, Batam State Polytechnic has also received institutional accreditation with the predicate B since 2018.

Batam State Polytechnic as a leading institute has a new program called PBL (problem based learning) in an attempt of Industry-Based Applied Undergraduate Program Development / Pengembangan Program Sarjana Terapan Berbasis Industri (PPSTBI) in Harris Hotel Batam. PBL is a learning method that is based on Student-Centered Learning activities by conducting active exploration of learning and solving existing problems. The PBL method has been believed to increase student motivation, competence and soft skills.

On this occasion they invited representatives of Labtech to hear our  advice about 21st century learning best practice because they need any insight from industry and seek collaboration from industry.

As an industry that produces digital learning content, they want to hear our advice about 21st century learning best practice. Because lately the world is changing, we are facing the disruption of technology especially in the educational sector. Digital learning is rapidly gaining acceptance and use in education around the world. The COVID pandemic has accelerated this trend and we are seeing many countries and learning institutions are planning to make digital learning an important part or pillar of education.

Labtech is considered by many to be at the forefront of the development of a new generation of interactive digital content that is based on advanced 3D gaming technology. For 30 years we have been developing hands-on training systems that match with the need for employable skills plus writing detailed course ware. Our clients are in over 85 countries with thousands of schools.

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