23 Polibatam Staff Participate in Journalism Training with Resource Persons from the Batam Aliansi Jurnalistik Indonesia (AJI).

TRAINING-Politeknik Negeri Batam organized a journalism training for representatives in each department and unit at Polibatam. This journalistic training was carried out in order to equip the Polibatam employees with the ability to write news for publication in each department and unit. The training was held on Thursday, 24 November 2022 at the Harris Batam Center Hotel. The training started at 09.00-16.00 WIB.

The activity was opened by Deputy Director 2, Bambang Hendrawan., ST., MSM. In his remarks, he said that this workshop is expected to improve writing skills and report on activities in departments and units. “The more information we convey, this will be used as a basis for determining or reference in determining policy. Thus, the ability to write information should be in accordance with the basics of a journalist,” said Bambang.

This training aims to equip participants to be able to write interesting news that can be published in the Polibatam publication media. In addition, participants are expected to know the basics of journalism as a basis to produce good news. The resource person in the Journalism Training was Yuri Bahasa Trisna, a journalist from AJI Batam.

The 23 participants who took part in the training were very enthusiastic and were trained directly to learn how to make straight news. Hopefully, this journalistic knowledge can increase the number and quality of news and publications on the Polibatam campus.
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