2022 Vocational Show Opens with Digitally Beating Gong

Politeknik Negeri Batam is holding the 2022 Vocational Show. Along with this activity, a series of events were also held, namely, the 4th National Polytechnic Informatics Student Competition or Kompetisi Mahasiswa Informatika Politeknik Nasional (KMIPN) IV, PBL Expo 2022, Polibatam Fair, and Job Fair. The  2022 Vocational Show  was held at Politeknik Negeri Batam Campus, 2-3 August 2022. The opening of this activity is marked by the digital beating of the gong by the Director General of Vocational Studies, Dr. Ir. Kiki Yuliati, M.Sc., and the Director of Polibatam, Uuf Brajawidagda, Ph.D., and Bakorma Representatives.

The Director of Polibatam, Uuf Brajawidagda said that in this competition there were 628 teams, and 115 qualified in the final from 26 Polytechnic Campuses. While this year’s PBL EXPO is the second time, there are 104 participants and there is a new participant from Politeknik Ketapang. “I represent the committee and the entire Polibatam academic community, welcome to the Polibatam campus, and thank you to all invited guests and participants,” said Uuf, Tuesday (2/8/2022).

KMIPN IV 2022, is the National Polytechnic Informatics Student Competition, a prestigious event for vocational higher education institutions in the field of informatics. In 2022, this is the fourth time that it has been held after the previous successes at Politeknik Negeri Malang in 2021, Politeknik Caltex Riau in 2019, and Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya in 2018.

This time KMIPN IV was held at the Politeknik Negeri Batam with the theme “Indonesia is Getting More Competent in Informatics”. The theme was chosen in line with the Excellent HR program from the President of the Republic of Indonesia and also the Merdeka Kampus program from the Minister of Education and Culture. The organization of this competition is a form of contribution from Polytechnic students throughout Indonesia in building superior human resources in the field of informatics. Technology exhibitions and workshops are also part of a series of events in this activity to add insight into technological developments and meet the latest industry needs.

KMIPN IV presents eight competition categories in the field of Information and communication technologies (ICT). These include Hackathon, Cyber Security, E-Government, ICT Business Design, Animation, Internet of Things (IoT) and Creating Innovations in ICT, and Game Application Development.

PBL EXPO displays various products resulting from independent learning with the PBL concept involving industrial partners and the business world in Batam, Riau Islands, nationally, and internationally with collaboration between study programs at the Polibatam Campus.

Furthermore, the Polibatam Fair featured various student activity units or UKM, competitions, community organizations on the Polibatam campus, and various fostered bazaars as well as business and industrial partners. Meanwhile, the Polibatam Job Fair featured various job vacancies from partner companies that Polibatam alumni and Batam city residents could apply for. At this Job Fair, there are companies that carry out recruitment. The participating companies include PT. Sumitomo, Panasonic Industrial Devices, etc.

Director General (Dirjen) of Vocational Education, Dr. Ir. Kiki Yuliati, M.Sc., hopes that with the 2022 Vocational Show , the public will know closely the various innovative products that have been produced by the Polibatam campus through PBL EXPO, KMIPN IV 2022 Competition, industrial partners, and the Polibatam Business World. In the end, the wider community chose the Vocational College to continue their studies. Kiki Yuliati appreciated all the leaders of the Polytechnic, industrial partners, the business world, and other parties who contributed.

“This stage is there for all of us. I have only been in office for a month, and I have been impressed, and the extraordinary and good works of the Polytechnics are not widely known. And this needs to be replicated and conveyed to the public so that it can be known by many people. Earlier, I briefly walked around the Polibatam lab in PBL, this is what Senayan is looking for. In other polytechnics, there are certainly,” Kiki explained.

He said that currently, all parties want to grow stronger and greater. Polytechnics can face problems by collaborating, all can be overcome together. “Let’s recover from Covid 19, we grow back. We don’t need to be afraid that jobs will be lost to be replaced by robots, because we are the students who make and operate the robots. Every step and effort as well as the rupiah is for the students, the message of our Minister. So don’t disappoint us, prove it with a proud achievement!” he explained.

Meanwhile, Representative of the Student Affairs Coordinating Board (Bakorma), Iwa Sudrajat, S.T., M.T., said that Bakorma is a forum for deputy directors 3 of polytechnics throughout Indonesia. Accommodating various competitions for students’ talents and interests. Currently, there are 15 activities according to the talents and interests as well as the scientific field of the students.

In the future, it is hoped that this will be facilitated, the rotating trophy of the Director General of Vocations, for instance. So far, each campus is still independent. “Thank you to Polibatam for facilitating this activity, and congratulations to the finalists of KMIPN IV. Congratulations on this activity,” he said. (rus)

Source: Tribun Batam

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