Diploma 3 Accounting


Graduates of this program have skills that are in accordance with the Indonesian National Work Competency Standards or Standar Kompetensi Kerja Nasional Indonesia (SKKNI). Graduates also have special abilities in financial accounting, taxation, and auditing. Each graduate is equipped with the ability and certification of SAP 01 Fundamental, and SAP AC 010 Business Processes in Financial Accounting and Accounting Technician.


  • Accounting officer
  • Cost control assistant
  • Stock control officer
  • Junior financial management analyst
  • Tax accountant officer
  • Budget officer
  • Wages administrator officer
  • Internal auditor assistant
  • Junior external auditor
  • System designer assistant
  • Accounting consultant assistant
  • Credit analyst assistant
  • Accounting laboratory assistant
  • Young financial entrepreneur


  • Able to do work in the middle accounting field in accordance with generally accepted standards and principles in the accounting field
  • Able to compile financial reports on service, trade, and manufacturing entities both small and large scale (go public)
  • Able to complete tax administration and tax liability reports
  • Skilled in operating accounting and business application programs
  • Able to help design and compile accounting information systems and formulate procedural problem solving
  • Have the ability to manage work groups and compile written reports comprehensively
  • Responsible for own work and can be given responsibility for the achievement of group work results.