Applied Bachelor of Power Plant Engineering Technology


Graduates of this program have the capacity in the fields of evaluating, managing the operation, and maintaining power plant units (power plant engineers); monitor, analyze, and overcome operational problems, as well as carry out maintenance on the power plant unit (power plant technician); able to prepare, run and analyze system stability, as well as operate substation equipment and electric power transmission (power transmission & distribution engineer); planning and implementing maintenance standards, carrying out maintenance, analyzing and solving problems in the electrical system (electrical technician).


  • Supervisor in Electrical energy generator
  • Power plant operation and maintenance technician
  • Operation and maintenance technician of Electrical power distribution
  • Electrical power consultant
  • Electrical technicians in various manufacturing industry utilities, building utilities, hotels, and industrial estates


  • Able to prepare evaluation data of power plant operation
  • Able to carry out evaluations based on inspection analysis data
  • Able to manage power plant operation and maintenance
  • Able to analyze the implementation of the power plant unit operation.
  • Capable of monitoring, analyzing, and solving operational problems, carrying out unit operation reliability tests, and making reports.
  • Capable of planning and implementing maintenance standards, carrying out maintenance, analyzing, and solving problems at power plants.
  • Capable of preparing, running, and analyzing power flow studies, short circuit studies, and system stability.
  • Able to operate substation and transmission equipment, SUTM network maneuvering, SCADA system to control medium voltage network operation.
  • Able to correlate, diagnose, and conclude various management and handling problems in the field of electricity generation and distribution in accordance with generation rules and electricity standards,