Applied Bachelor of Managerial Accounting


Graduates of this program have the capacity in the field of preparing company financial statements, taking control of corporate taxation, taking control of calculation and cost planning, taking control of financial analysis, taking control of financial audit procedures, and taking control of technology and information systems related to accounting.


  • Finance staff (ap/ar/tax/payrool/petty cash)
  • Cost control Staff (budget/purchase)
  • Audit staff
  • Tax Consultant Staff
  • Inventory Staff (material control)
  • HR Department
  • Public Accounting Firm
  • Educator Accountant
  • Entrepreneur


  • Able to develop themselves into a professional person in the field of managerial accounting who believes and is devoted to God Almighty, has noble character, has a strong personality, and has independence and a high sense of social and national responsibility
  • Able to grasp knowledge and high skills in the fields of financial accounting, cost accounting, taxation, financial auditing, management accounting, business budgeting, cost management, financial management, accounting, and management information systems
  • Able to compile financial reports of business and non-business organizations, prepare and carry out financial audits, fulfill and manage organizational tax obligations efficiently, develop strategic plans and business budgeting as a whole, present financial information and organizational unit performance for managerial decision making, manage finances and resources organization effectively and efficiently, designing and applying accounting information systems and computer-based management information systems, applying control systems and management functions effectively based on quality management systems, and being able to organize good governance of transnational organizations
  • Able to communicate and correspond effectively in English, apply the spirit of entrepreneurship in work, can be led and be able to lead, and have a tradition to continue to develop knowledge and competence.