Phillipine Students Goes to Traditional Market

NEWS-SEAMEO Exchange students start an adventure to explore a traditional market, Pasar Pagi Jodoh, Batam. The ideas of this event are to introduce the students about the opulence of Indonesia natural resource while given them memorable experience about traditional market. Guided by Irkham (International Office of Polibatam) the Phillipine students and Polibatam Buddies were divided into two team,  Pasar Team lead by Joyce Pia while Jodoh team lead by Cindy Diane. With only Rp.80.000 that given to each group, in a limited time they should buy some ingredients and explain what they will cook. One of team member was assigned also to make a short movie of activity during the exploration.  In this post you will see the joy and happines on both of team that unexpectedly, plan the same idea about the food they will cook. A Chicken Soup!

Video please click

Pasar Team, credit to @juandaadios
Jodoh Team, credit to @nisaalimami

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